Thursday, 1 March 2012

Release of Timeless TODAY

Today is the great day we al waited for. Ok, when i mean "we all" i mean the fans of Gail Carriger final book of the parasol protectorate series: Timeless. Today is it´s release and i can´t wait too get my fingers on that book. i already ordered it via amazon but i have to wait - aaaahh i am so not patience. But anyway some details have leaked out as always and i´ve read a few pages with delight. The story continues two years after the last book - heartless - and we see Alexias daughter in action right from the start. Gail Carriger already announced to write a spin of with Prudence that can be expected fall 2013. Hurray, that are good news! But for now i am happy to read what is going on this time in egypt and how they get Prodence bathing ...

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