Monday, 18 June 2012

Street-view-car of the week

It´s been a while since i´ve seen a real exiting or rare car on the streets but today was my lucky day again. This morning i stumbled about a breathtaking Audi R8 GT. Yes, this car was just parking and shining in the sun. The very special designed back caught my eye at the first time. On each side there are these huge holes for cooling i suppose. And they are needed because this machine develops 560 Hp with its V10 engine.
When i peeked into the car a saw business as usual audi-style. Which means rich materials like carbon, leather and magnesium and a whiff of first class. Here a few pictures to make your mouth watering. This interior picture below is from the Audi R8 GT 5.2 FSI quattro R-tronic model. It cost astonishing 139.000 € AND i think that all cars of this range are already sold.

Audi R8 GT 5.2 FSI quattro R-tronic als Sportwagen / Coupé

Der neue Sportwagen Audi R8 GT

Working at sunshine

Working at sunshine

Zipper shirt
$40 -

Phase Eight cotton jacket
£55 -

Siwy skinny fit jeans
£149 -

L K Bennett stacked heel
£75 -

Folli Follie striped handbag
$280 -

Sorrelli long chain necklace
$108 -

Studded jewelry
$38 -

Tassel earrings
$20 -

Gucci shades
€167 -

Waist belt
£10 -

£27 -

MAC Cosmetics lipstick
£14 -

Paper > Decorative Edge: A Cherry On Top
$1.49 -

Ciao Bella Dulce De Leche Gelato
$6.99 -

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Coupling (BBC2)

Coupling (UK) tv show photo
When a couple gets together, it's never just the two of them - they also bring baggage - and Susan and Steve are no exception. Their baggage is a crowd of best friends and exes who talk about all aspects of relationships. This is the basic idea behind "Coupling". 6 Friends, 3 women and 3 Men living in London and beeing part of the gratest comedy i´ve ever seen on the theme of relationships. Forget "Sex and the City" a cheap second choice after i saw this great and so funny series from 2000. Susan Walker is a beautiful go-getter with an uninhibited attitude who used to date Patrick Maitland, the sextet's charismatic, cocky player - a guy who's just too cool to worry about being smart. Attractive Sally Harper is a beauty therapist who is Susan's unashamedly vain best friend, who aggressively battles aging with heavy doses of moisturizer. Meanwhile, Steve Taylor, while getting together with Susan, has a vivacious and slightly vacuous ex-girlfriend: Jane Christie, who is supremely confident in her ability to seduce anyone of either sex, and who refuses to be dumped unless she's the one doing the dumping. Jeff Murdoch is Steve's buddy who is, obsessed and bewildered by actual sex; charming in his way, but with an uncanny ability to say the wrong thing at the worst possible time. He works in the same office as Susan, with whom he had a disastrous and unsuccessful one-night fling. Coupling has been honoured with the prestigious Silver Rose of Montreux, Best TV Comedy Award, and is winner at the 2003 British Comedy Awards.
So here is my all time favorite dialog of the 2th series:
 Steve: What is this?
Susan: It's a cushion.
Steve: Right. Yes. Thank you for that. Very informative.
[to Jeff]
Steve: You got any of these?
Jeff: No.
Steve: Of course you haven't.
[to shop assistant]
Steve: You - are you married? Living with anyone?
Junior Shop Assistant: No.
Steve: Got any of these?
Junior Shop Assistant: No.
Steve: Of course not. Okay!
[to the women]
Steve: You bring these things into our homes. They sit on our chairs. They watch our televisions. Now, I just need to know, on behalf of all men everywhere, I just need to ask, please... What are they for? I mean, look at them! Look at the chubby little bastards! Just sitting around everywhere! What are they, pets for chairs?
[to shop assistants]
Steve: Come on, you sell them. What are they for?
Junior Shop Assistant: Well...
Senior Shop Assistant: You sit on them.
Steve: Ah! Ha ha ha! You see, that's where you're wrong! Nobody sits on them. Okay, watch this. Here's the cushion. I'm putting it on the sofa. Now watch me. I'm stting down. And what do I do on my final approach? I - oh! - move the cushion! You see? It's not involved! It's not part of the whole sitting process. It just lies there. It's fat litter! It's a sofa parasite!
Jane: It's, you know... padding.
Steve: Oh, padding! Now, that's interesting, Jane. See, I like padding. If I was, say, an American Football player, and all those big bastards running at me, I would say "give me some of that padding and be quick about it." If my job involved bouncing down jagged rocks I would say "in view of those jagged rocks down there, I'll have some of that padding, thank you very much." But Susan, Sally, Jane, this is a sofa. It is designed by clever scientists in such a way as to shield the unprotected user from the risk of skin abrasions, serious head trauma, and, of course...
[drops behind sofa, then sticks head out]
Steve: Daleks. Trust me girls, trust me on this one: you do not need padding to tackle upholstery. So please - once and for all, tell me why on Earth you would want me to sit on one of these?
Susan: Because, if you pressed it firmly against your bottom, it might stop you talking!
All the videos but with spanish subtexts can be found at

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Candy !

Candy !

Denim jacket
$89 -

Miu Miu leather peep toe pumps
$595 -

Juicy couture handbag
$75 -

Betsey johnson jewelry
$63 -

Kendra Scott pink earrings
$55 -

Yves Saint Laurent belt
$550 -

L Oréal Paris makeup
£9.95 -

Prada perfume
£53 -

English Chocolates -420g - gift delivery UK
£25 -

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

earthquake - Tinie Tempah

What do i love to hear this week. "Earthquake" Labrinth feat. Tinie Tempah. I love the Part with the trumpets at 1:43 and the geeky outfits. Hope this video will stay long at youtube.

The doctor who experience

Sometimes it´s amazing how creative ideas get from imagination into reality. Same has happend to famous BBC series Doctor Who. Not only that the part of "the Doctor" and his companions is a boost for every acters business but now it seems we have reached the upper level of fame. This is because "The Doctor Who Experience" in Cardiff will be opening its doors from Friday 20th July 2012 in Cardiff Bay. Yes, a whole exibition for all the fans of the series and i think also for those who are a bit interested in behind-the-scenes work on television.
Tickets will be on sale from 10am Thursday 14th June 2012. I don´t know how long this exibition will last but this is for shure another highlight for a visit at the capital and the largest city in Wales. There will be also an established website coming soon so look out for

Karren Gillan new Scottish Icon

Seen at

Karen Gillan (aka Amy Pond at Doctor who) certainly looks smashing in clothes, and folks are taking notice of her quirky sense of style. Well, the Scotland-born Doctor Who beauty was named the Scottish Fashion Icon of the Year at the Scottish Fashion Awards in Glasgow.
Glasgow may not rank with Milan, New York, and Paris as a global catwalk capital, but Karen says her countrymen have an edge when it comes to producing innovative duds. Speaking to the Scotsman: “I’m from quite a rural area and we’re quite cut off from a lot of things and I really think that that goes towards having an imagination, and if you look at how many designers actually come out of Scotland, it’s a really high number and that’s really interesting.”
For a full look of Karen in all her leggy glory at the Scottish Fashion Awards, here’s a snap: