Thursday, 31 May 2012

Green coats

Green coats

$119 -

Michele blazer
€230 -

Monsoon bridal wedding shoes
£70 -

Green handbag
$49 -

Dorothy Perkins gold bangle
$15 -

Stone drop earrings
$25 -

Christian dior perfume
£41 -

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Sonique -Sky

Back in the good ol´times this song got the power to make a rainy day smile and gave me so much positive energy, along with "it feels so good" Enyoj Sonique!

Skrillex feat The Doors

This song is a great pice of art. I always hade a place in my heart for The Doors and that Skrillex collaborated with them lifted their amazing style into the 21th century. i hope more generations will enyoj their skills. "Break´n a sweat"

Friday, 25 May 2012

thousand Dollar Baby

thousand Dollar Baby

D G sleeveless blouse
£360 -

AllSaints vintage leather jacket
$565 -

Pierre Balmain white skinny jeans
€736 -

Ash shoes
$275 -

Jigsaw quilted tote
£139 -

Pink brooch

House of Harlow 1960 leather earrings
$115 -

Elizabeth Cole yellow gold jewelry
$165 -

Miu Miu retro cat eye sunglasses
£190 -

BareMinerals lip gloss
$15 -

Miller harris perfume
€115 -

Pink Vintage Cadillac Las Vegas Nevada Wedding Chapel Love Marry...
$25 -

Lets imagine for one moment i have a twothousand dollar gift card for shopping, what outfit would i buy with that? Here is the answer. I listened to Skillex while i was creating the outfit, so that inspired me for a part rough part feminine outfit.

Gotye - Somebody that i used to know

I know that i am usually two or 4 months behind a trend or a popular song. But isn´t that refreshing, when everyone gets tired of hearing it i jump in and wonder about how nice it is. I so love this song but the video... i don´t care for it. Gotye - Somebody that i used to know.
Gotye - Somebody That I Used To Know von universalmusicdeutschland

Monday, 21 May 2012

Deadlocked - novel and review

This month the new novel by Charlaine Harris came out. "Deathlocked" is the second last book of the Sookie Stackhouse-Novels. I waited patient and wanted to buy this book at least after july so i don´t have so much time to wait till the last book will be out. But i could not wait and i bought it last week. And i love it like the other books. There is not so much action like in the previous ones but Mrs. Harris cleans up with many random plots and figures. But one step after the other. There we go for a complete story retelling session with a huge amount of spoilers. As many of the fans have read before (cause the first chapter was free to view) Sookie and a few friends went to a strip-club owned by her cousin Claude and enjoy a girls-only night. As a surprise her fairy great-great grandfather waits for her as she arrives back and after a talk with Claude and Dermot he takes Claude with him into faery to investigate who had cast a spell on Dermont. Claude was not happy about that!!! Then we have a meeting with Fillipe to attend. This will be at Erics house and Sookie was delated by a phonecall by Mustapha, Erics daytime guy. When she enters the house and goes upstairs she sees Erik drinking form a strange woman he seems not to know. Sookie detects from her brain that she was send to Eric as a trap and that she used fairy-blood to make her more atractive. She is later found at the front lawn of Erics house and the police investigates. Mustapha vanishes and leaves a message to Skookie to call on Alcide but without letting Jeannalynn know that. Sam tells Sookie that the furniture she has sold to an antiques dealer has been stolen and she concludes it must be because of the Cluviel Dór. This guess is confirmed when the antiques dealer showes up on her door and tries to get the fairy item. He is killed by an emerging Mr. Cataliades who tells Sookie she must be carefull. Freya visites Sookie too but i don´t know what will come out of this plot. Then Sookie and Bill free a man captured by Fillipe and right in front of the hotel she is captured by a bunch of rogue weres. She can be rescued by Mustapha and finaly Jeannalyn shows her real face. She was behind the murder scene on Erics lawn but she was payed to do so by: CLAUDE! Yes it was him! Claude wantes to stress Sooky and her relationship with Eric so maybe a fight would break out and her fairy Grandfather would come to her rescue so Claude and his gang of fairies could take him over. It is also revealed he stayed at her house to search extensively for the Cluviel Dór. Sookie, Dermot and other fairies nail him down and Niall comes to this scene to take all the fairies with him back and seal the portal forever. And he tells Sookie that he has told Eric that she has the fairy item so she can see his true intentions. Eric wants her to use the item to get him out of his marriage contract with Freya. But Sookie thinks that he can deal with this situation on his own if he realy loves her. Then Sookie attends a pack meeting at Alcides property when Jeannalynn and the rogues will be jugded. Jeannalynn tries to kill Alcide but instead she knifes Sam and he is dying. Sookie uses the Cluviel Dór to bring Sam back to life and Erik vanishes of into the night. WOW what a storie. So many open questions and subplots were closed to make room for the final storyline of the last book. Oh my, one year to wait, this will be so hard. But on the other hand its good to draw a line under this series, because a good one can not last forwever without loosing some of her genuine quality and esprit.

Fashion Designer: Suno

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Oil - Edward Burtynsky

Edward Burtynsky
Oil: Exibition 19 May - 1 July 2012  

Oil Fields #22, Cold Lake, Alberta, Canada 2003 © Edward Burtynsky<br />
Courtesy Nicholas Metivier, Toronto / Flowers, London
Oil Fields #22, Cold Lake, Alberta, Canada 2003 © Edward Burtynsky<br /> Courtesy Nicholas Metivier, Toronto / Flowers, London. Found at:

On one of the Blogs i read frequently i saw the work of E. Burtynsky and i just want to share this with you so you can make up your own oppinion on this great work. If you want to read the blog, there it is: the post is from today, 17.05.2012. The following text is not my own but i found it at

Canadian photographer Edward Burtynsky has travelled the world to chronicle the effect of oil on all our lives, and to reveal the rarely seen mechanics of its production and distribution.
This exhibition shows three sections from Burtynsky’s series OIL: Extraction and Refinement, Transportation and Motor Culture and The End of Oil. The works depict landscapes scarred by the extraction of oil, and the cities and suburban sprawl defined by its use. He also eloquently addresses the coming end of oil, as we face its rising cost and dwindling availability.
Burtynsky's colour photographs render his subjects with a transfixing clarity of detail. From aerial views of oil fields and highways ribboning across the landscape, to derelict oil derricks and mammoth oil-tanker shipbreaking operations, we are confronted with the evidence of our dependence on this finite resource.
Edward Burtynsky (b.1955) is one of Canada's most respected photographers. His photographic depictions of global industrial landscapes are included in the collections of over fifty major museums around the world, including the National Gallery of Canada, the Bibliotèque Nationale in Paris, the Museum of Modern Art and the Guggenheim Museum in New York.
Edward Burtynsky: OIL was organised in close collaboration with Huis Marseille Museum for Photography in Amsterdam, Gallery Nicholas Metivier in Toronto and the artist himself.

Highway #1, Intersec...
Highway #1, Intersection 105 & 110, Los Angeles, California, USA 2003<br /> © Edward Burtynsky Courtesy Nicholas Metivier, Toronto / Flowers,London found at

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Call it wat you want - Foster t. people

I like their crazy and meaningfull (realy?) video and of course the song that is sticking in my ears for days. Foster the People: Call it wat you want!
Foster The People – Call It What You Want (directed by Ace Norton) from Cinematze on Vimeo.

Saturday, 12 May 2012