Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Mouse bags by Lulu

Just visited the Lulu Guinness Blog and thsi post is to cute to not share it. From September the 13th, named "Quiet as a mouse" any guess what it is about? Take a look. 

Lulu Guinness Minnie Mouse bag

Lulu has interpreted Minnie’s signature bows and trademark polka dots and has created a unique bag in two sizes – large and ‘Minnie’.
Lulu Guinness’ two bags will be unveiled at London Fashion Week along with a number of international designers including; Giles; Richard Nicoll and Meadham Kirchhoff, who have also created Minnie Mouse inspired accessories and garments. The one off designs will be auctioned together on eBay to support the BFC/ Bazaar Fashion Arts Foundation.

Lulu  herself has long sited Minnie Mouse as one of her influences, indeed the Lulu Guinness Cruise 12 collection features a range of Polka Dot bags and accessories. The one off Minnie Mouse bags have been designed as a pair, the larger being for day and the smaller for the evening. Both bags were hand made in England.

Lulu Guinness, ‘I wanted to use Minnie Mouse’s iconic face, signature bows and polka dots to create a truly unique bag which is both playful and stylish and really brings Minnie Mouse to life.’

Lulu Guinness - Fashion Icon

Lulu Guinness

Lulu guinness

Lulu guinness
$480 -

Lulu guinness
$395 -

Lulu guinness

Lulu Guinness lip ring

Lulu guinness
$31 -

I love these bags. Even if you wear a respectable business costume you can brighten it up withe these handbags. Lulu Guinness is about 50 and lives in London. She is is famed for her iconic handbags which are loved by the likes of Madonna, Jerry Hall and the Duchess of York, her style is one part English eccentric, one part Betty Boop. . Do you wonder if her last name sounds familiar to you? Yes, she is also a member of the Guinness dynasty. Lulu’s success started in 1989, when she designed her first handbag, for sale in a number of exclusive stores in London such as Liberty’s and Joseph. Nowadays her brand produces exquisite witty handbags and a range of collections, such as umbrella, sock, hosiery, scarves and sunglasses

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Lalala - LMFAO

Good morning world. I love a new weekend, all those posible hours you can spend on your own and doing whatever you want when you want and with whom you want is just so great. I can see me shopping, going to cinema, taking a walk to the city and drink expensive espresso and take lessons for origami just for fun. At first gettin your eyea open might be a little challenge. I listen to " Lalala" by LMFAO because last night i heard so much of them and can´t get them out of my head.

Zebra It!

Zebra it

Zebra it by bonnet1875 featuring a pink hat

Vivienne Westwood knit cardigan
$420 -

Adidas graphic tank top
$66 -

Black harem pants
$79 -

Madison Harding wedge heels

Dorothy Perkins zebra tote

Vince camuto

Mango chain jewelry
$32 -

Fantasy Jewelry Box zebra jewelry

Pink hat

John richmond
$95 -

Friday, 14 September 2012

Kellis - 4th of July (Fireworks)

Kelis - 4th of July (Fireworks) (Official Video) von wonderful-life1989

Calvin Harris / Ne-Yo - let´s Go

Calvin Harris feat. Ne-Yo - Let’s Go (Official... von Dij_Halik

Just can´t get enough - Black E. P.

The Black Eyed Peas - Just Can’t Get Enough von universalmusicdeutschland

Alesha Dixon - Every Little Part & The Boy does...

Last years hits are the best ;)
I love Alesha Dixon - Every little Part of me. And i am already preparing to put my hands up... On the other hand there is her song "The boy does nothing". First i was not shure that these two songs are from the same artist. But variety is a good thing, isn´t it?

Alesha Dixon - 'Every Little Part Of Me' (Ft... von ABC

ALESHA DIXON The boy does nothing (clip) von M-atthiou

Erase and Rewind - the Cardigans

To chill out this friday i searched in my cd rack deep down and look what i´ve found. Fresh from their 99´er album "Gran Turino" the Cardigans have taken me down memory lane and i was sitting in my old teenage-room again. What great artists were there in the 1990s and some of their tunes are already forgotten or never playd on radio stations today, i wonder why.

The Cardigans Erase and Rewind HQ from damnbullet on Vimeo.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

a girl like you - Edwyn Collins

A classic tune. I can not believe that this song is from 1994, it sounds so new and freah because of his drumming rhythm. Edwyn Collins with "A Girl like you".

First autumn outfit 2012

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Boots & Boys by Ke$ha

Today i listened to this song while writing my e-mails... Boots & Boys by Ke$ha. Happy to be one and half a year behind the radio stations ;)

Tous les clips Kesha

Sunday, 2 September 2012

A girl and her room - Photographes

It´s been a while since i posted something here. And the reason is that the last twoo days i spend most of my time sitting in doctors offices or waiting in hospital lounges because of a broken arm. But today i have some time to catch up. At a chirurgical praxis i ´ve read an interesting article about photographer Rania Matar and her project "A Girl an her room". Some titles are self explaining and in her work this is what you see. Teenagers rooms in the USA and Lebanon, mostly the eastcost. Interesstingly the girls featured are mostly upper class or middle class and honestly there are no overweight teens but in general i loved the mirrored views of the girls personality which is always at some point refelcted in her personal room. That reminds me of my own teenage room. Having only a little space of my own i was keen to express my personal style as much as possible, with a rather qustionable amount of colours and pictures, many postcards and cushions applied but thats the process of finding the right turn in home decoration. Knowadasy i love reduced decoration and empty wals in soft colours like a creamy yellow. To see the whole portfolio you can visit Rania Matars site at
Her explanation of her thoughts towards her project can be found there too but here is a little part of it: 
"As a mother of a teenage daughter I watch her passage from girlhood into adulthood, fascinated with the transformation taking place, the adult personality shaping up and a self-consciousness now replacing the carefree world she had known and lived in so far. I started photographing her and her girlfriends, and quickly realized that they were very aware of each other's presence, and that their being in a group affected very much whom they were portraying to the world. From there, emerged the idea of photographing each girl alone in her personal space.
I spend time with each girl, so she is comfortable with me and eventually the photography session becomes a beautiful and intimate collaboration. I was discovering a person on the cusp on becoming an adult, but desperately holding on to the child she barely outgrew. Posters of rock stars, political leaders or top models were displayed above a bed covered with stuffed animals; mirrors were an important part of the room, a reflection of the girls' image to the world; personal objects, photos, clothes everywhere, chaotic jumbles of pink and black make-up and just stuff, seemed to give a sense of security and warmth to the room like a womb within the outside world.
I initially started this work focusing on teenage girls in the United States and eventually expanded the project to include girls from the two worlds I am most familiar with, the two worlds I experienced myself as a teen and a young twenty year old: the United States and the Middle East".

The dotty outfit

last minute

Benetton brown cardigan
$79 -

Wallis polka dot shirt

Surface To Air blue pants
$105 -

Madewell ballet flat

Fossil handbag

Eddie Borgo pave ring

Charlotte Russe hoop earrings

Set of bangle

Kenneth jay lane jewelry
$29 -

River Island leather hair accessory
$3.17 -

Giorgio armani perfume
$48 -