Tuesday, 24 April 2012

New dressing site found! It´s russian

I have given up hope that my second favorite styling site beneath poyvore.com will ever function again. So i said a silent farewell to looklet.com and moved on. And there is light at the end of the tunnel. But that light is confusing, because it leads you to a russian site. It`s called BemyDress.ru and is basically the same as looklet but in russian letters. And i don´t understand russian, just by the way. But i already discovered that there are so much more options to style and dress your favorite model. You can change the hair and the colour now and you have so much more accesoires and fresh backrounds. I recoment that if you want to use bemydress.ru on a regular basis that you write all the russian options down and translate them with an online dictionary. Then you have all the words right by your side and can use the site without guessing. And i think after a while you get used to it and don´t need your sidepaper any more.