Sunday, 12 August 2012

Feelin Good - Song

This morning a track came into my mind and i searched for it. It is "Feelin Good" and the version that i knew and love is a remix by "Huff & Herb". But because i did not know that i found at first another version wich may be the original version. Both have a great quality and i knwo why people get inspired by the track. Question is: i think that however great the original is, if you heard the remix at first then your ears have adjusted to this sound and you never get realy the same feeling od originality even if you listen to the original itself. Here is a exemple. What sounds better, Copy or original?

Nina Simone - Feeling Good von hydearck

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Hiking Girls

Hiking Girls

Hiking Girls von bonnet1875, waterproof shoes enthaltend

Ah, hiking. I hated it when i had to do it with my parents inthe 90´s because there was no chance to dress nicley this time. It was ok in the forst where nobody could see you baut as soon we wandered into civilisation i wanted to hide into the bushes. Now however i have my own closet and my own money and i think i found a solution. The crucial point on every outfit are these boots. But you can´t go hiking in heels so these addidas boots are the best looking ones i found so far. The rest was easy. Long trousers are neccesairy because of the little insects. You don´t want to invite them to bite in your knee, don´t you? Nice top with matching backpack and a waterproof jacket make your day outisde a fun day! And don´t forget to drink enough and protect your head befor you get sunburned.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

My closet smells so wonderfull

My closet smells so wonderfull

Beauty product
$20 -

Woodwick Gallerie Collection 8.5oz Lavander Ivory Tin Candle
$23 -

Have you ever felt that after washing your clothes they smell wonderfull but in your closet they get smelly -in a bad way? But there is a sulution. Yes a stylish one from my granny. She used to put soap between her clothes and it worked. But not any soap. It´s important to use the sopa with rich flower and natural oils. My favorites are the pink bouquet from Bronnley and the soaps by Roger & Gallet and also a soap called Maja. At first these soaps smell very intense but if you tuck them between your sweaters or pyjamas they will have the right amount of flowery freshness when you wear them When u use lavander as well it also keeps the moths away. All those smells are a bit oldfashioned but vintage is nothing bad. Sometimes i just nese my way trough my clothes and i have started to put even soap to my socks and kitchen towels.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Streetview: Porsche 944

And anonther post to my category "special cars". Yesterday i was driving home after my weekly shopping for groceries when i waited behind an Porsche 944 from the first model range at a red light. I was surprised to see this car in front of me because it was never so popular and has now a few years on his back. It was a white model from i think 1983-1985 and as far as i could see no turbo or S version. What i like particular on this one is the different shape and the true 80´s feeling of the design. The rear lights are arranged in cubic formes that look like tiles. And after a few minutes of research i found out that an early model in good shape- like the one i encountered yesterday- is still available for 8000 €.

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Le geek très chic

Le geek très chic

Bodkin draped top

Boyfriend jeans

Chanel quilted handbag

Quartz watch

Kenneth Jay Lane gold necklace
$145 -

ASOS acrylic jewelry
$12 -

Black jewelry

Ray-Ban wayfarer sunglasses

Tech accessory

Black fedora

How to do... Polyvore sets

How to do

How to do von bonnet1875, antique jewelry enthaltend

Here a little tutorial on how to do a nice set on polyvore, the famous fashion and creativity site. At first i start with an item that inspires me and sets the tone for the rest of the outfit. In this case it´s the embellished top and a pair of sandals. 
Then you choose the complete outfit with every acessoire you like and arrange it arround the clothes to make an outfit. I keep attention to optic continuity, so the shoes are not bigger that the top etc. You must not stick to my form, it is also popular to arange the clothes loose arround or fokus on the bags and shoes and make them bigger than the clothes. 
After finishing the acessoires i choose some graphics for the backround. I search for matching colours that do not clash with outfit or drew the attention away from my styling. Then, if you like, choose a pic of that type of woman that would wear your outfit and frame it. It is important that all objects are somehow linked together by colour or by "touching" each other so that no item will look alien. At the last step i fill "empty corners" with some decoration and add some glitter and make shure everything is in the right place and has the right proportion towards the other objects. 
So far so good. I hope you have as much fun at polyvore as i have. When you save items make shure you label them so you can find them easy. I put all my glittery decoration under the label "glitter" for example. so you spend more time designing and less time searching!

Embellished top

Cheap Monday blue jeans
$95 -

J.Crew leather sandals
$155 -

Fossil handbag

Antique jewelry
$18 -

$12 -

Elizabeth Arden eyeshadow

Peach lipstick