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How to do... Polyvore sets

How to do

How to do von bonnet1875, antique jewelry enthaltend

Here a little tutorial on how to do a nice set on polyvore, the famous fashion and creativity site. At first i start with an item that inspires me and sets the tone for the rest of the outfit. In this case it´s the embellished top and a pair of sandals. 
Then you choose the complete outfit with every acessoire you like and arrange it arround the clothes to make an outfit. I keep attention to optic continuity, so the shoes are not bigger that the top etc. You must not stick to my form, it is also popular to arange the clothes loose arround or fokus on the bags and shoes and make them bigger than the clothes. 
After finishing the acessoires i choose some graphics for the backround. I search for matching colours that do not clash with outfit or drew the attention away from my styling. Then, if you like, choose a pic of that type of woman that would wear your outfit and frame it. It is important that all objects are somehow linked together by colour or by "touching" each other so that no item will look alien. At the last step i fill "empty corners" with some decoration and add some glitter and make shure everything is in the right place and has the right proportion towards the other objects. 
So far so good. I hope you have as much fun at polyvore as i have. When you save items make shure you label them so you can find them easy. I put all my glittery decoration under the label "glitter" for example. so you spend more time designing and less time searching!

Embellished top

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J.Crew leather sandals
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Fossil handbag

Antique jewelry
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Elizabeth Arden eyeshadow

Peach lipstick

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