Saturday, 30 July 2011

the day the music died

Exactly one week ago Amy Winehouse was found dead. I was so sad because i adored her music and i always waited for a thirth album to come. I hadn´t done a post that day but now the first week after her dead i want to share a few picture i like of her most. Not those paparazzo- picture with spots and her looking like a drag-queen but the wonderfull fashion shoots that made her look like the  icone she was. Here we go!

See what i mean? Great pictures of her. Remember that song from her first album : in my pumps? I so loved this song and i  thin she is wearing exactly that sort of shoes an the second pic, isn´t she?

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Time for cars

 Isn´t it nice to have Television and nothing is coming right were you have time to watch? But thanx to modern technologie there is THE INTERNET were you can see lots of videos that actualy interest you. And My favorite visiting site is
The video library consists of almost 200,000  motorsport videos and growing more every day.My favorites there among are the Top Gear series form BBC. Among with these loveley prtrolhead presenters in every episode you find beautifull and gracious cars. My voforite episode anyway was in series 7 the third episode where the hosts Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond drove with their supercars to french end endet up stuck in a parking drive-out. I hat to wipe tears of laughing away. So hear a fev pictures to warm your heart and be jealous about :)
The Pagani Zonda Roadster F
A lovely Ferrari F430 Spyder
And at least a Ford GT
So guess what i am watching this evening...

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Oh Joy! - new TopShop collection is out

This  summer is nearly over and what a cold and rainy time this july has been. Now my favorite shop has lounched his autumn collection for 2011.
So what a surprise - its Glamrock and BoHo alltogether. I took a brief look at the online-shop and found many looks to love and a few to avoid.  So the first candidate comes in modest pink.  Have i ever mention that i adore pink in combination with black? If you have time you can upload a photo at and mess a little bit around with some make-up at the featured virtual makeover. There you can see if those black lips work for you or not.
Next one is that little dress. It comes in warm and bright colours with embroidery. I don´t know why it´s called Bavarian but who cares. I also like the so high high plateaus - but i wouldn ´ t wear them. 

And may i present you finaly the "new mod".  I love the combination of black/white - stiped sweater and orange skirt vs. flat shoes.
 If you have no chance to visit england - no problem. Topshop- shop (haha) is online and you can order around the world and from my experience the packet will arrive 3-4 days after you send your order.  So if you are interestet in stylish and sometimes crazy fashion just look at the pages and feel inspired

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

My oriental kitchen

traditional tee-glases of marocco

Do you love couscous and oriental food? And don´t know how to prepare it? I found this great site where everything is explained and you can easily follow the instructions and at the end the meal tastes great! And if you understand a little bit French: Voila!

Ich liebe Couscous und marokkanisches Essen, aber bisher war es schwer das Zuhause nachzukochen. Aber jetzt habe ich diese großartige Seite gefunden: und nach letzten Zählungen sind mir 5 von 5 Gerichten gelungen - meine Gäste waren begeistert! Die Rezepte sind einfach zu verstehen und für diejenigen die ganz sicher gehen wollen gibt es auch noch Schritt-für-Schritt-Videos.
Wenn man Französisch versteht, empfehle ich noch die Rezepte von TV-Ikone Chumicha. Seit Jahren kocht sie auf 2M und ihre Rezepte sind so lecker, das man schon vom zusehen zunimmt. Also: