Thursday, 29 November 2012

Raincape allert

November has finished nearly it´s time and it seems it has saved all the rain for this last week of water. And as every year i am soaked wet when i come home and curse my stylish but not waterproof coats. But what can i do. Take some time to research and i found two nice looking solutions. Apart from frequent offers of rain ponchos at stores like Vero Moda or Asos there are companies specialised to offer stylish rainwear. I tried the common stores first but as always it is bad luck that at thhis time when I want something all products are out of stock or some pages show results from two years behind. But lets loo at the bright side of the story. and Both have a range of rain ponchos and they are affordable.(i saw a so nice rain poncho from UGG for 500€, thank you)
This poncho from rain-wave costs 69 € and comes in different patters and colours

And this one is from happyrainydays and is also about 64 € and can be bought in red blue and other prints. I am so happy to have a choice, i will take a few minutes with my bff and write a review after i used one a few times.

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Reepublic feat t-elle - "Turn Off The Light"

Don´t know what is going on but i actually like this new track which is so new it has only be released a week ago. Normaly i am not so up-to-date when it comes to music. Something serious must be going wrong with my music taste because normaly i discover nice tracks at least a half year after everyone else... This one has just the right beat and a nice clean sound.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Manu Chao- Mentira

mentira lo que dice ,mentira lo que da 
mentira lo que hace ,mentira lo que va
mentira la mentira ,mentira la verdad
mentira lo que cuece ,bajo la oscuridad
mentira el amor ,mentira el sabor
mentira la que manda ,mentira comanda
mentira la tristeza ,cuando empieza
mentira no se va ,mentira, mentira
la mentira...
mentira, la mentira
mentira cuando llega ,mentira nunca se va
mentira la mentira
mentira la verdad...
todo es mentira la verdad
todo es mentira yo me digo
todo es mentira ¿por que sera?

mentira no se borra ,mentira no se olvida 
todo es mentira en este mundo 
Basicly this song is about the lies around everyday. Mentira means lie and if you count how much it is used in this song it summs everything nicely up!

Manu Chao: Clandestino

Tanya Stephens - It's a Pity

Raggeeee..., normaly i am not into it because it aways sounds ...well... the same somehow. But lets make an exception for this lady.

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Tricked by the picture

The last post was about Toni Garrn and i commented on a photo with a poncho/top. Now it seems i have found that piece in reality and i do not like how it looks outside the magazine world. If these two are identical - omg -  that will never ever look good, with or without pants, with or without any kind of accessoire! But look how different they look just by the way they`re photographed! I feel a little fooled just like i did this summer when i ordered a wonderfull maxi dress which looked georgeous in the catalogue and then like a 70´s nightgown in the hard light of my wardrobe. Lessons to be learned... And by the way, i got also to the roots of this dress/topp/fur: it´s Jeremy Scott at the fall 2012 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

Toni Garrn - Model
 OMG this girl will be everywhere this december. I am talking about Toni Garrn.She will be on the cover of Vogue Russia (photographed by the master himself: Karl Lagerfeld), Numéro Tokyo and Vogue Germany. And then she spend the whole september on covers of Vogue Franche and Harpers Bazaar. You can´t escape her. But who is she? First, she is like so many great Models from Germany. She has been casted of the street in summer 2006 at the age of 14 and has done everything right. She was model of the Calvin Klein campaing 2008 and this year reached the high of beeing a Victoria Secret Model. Not so bad, girl!
 This is my favorite, i don´t know if this is a poncho or a cape or just a top gut it looks amazing. Imagine wearing this and a wide black palazzo pant... If you look down you can find my favorite of the Vogue Franche shoot from september this year.  

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Maison Martin Margiela at H&M TODAY

Maison Martin Margiela at H&M

Maison Martin Margiela at H&M von bonnet1875, jewelry enthaltend

Today my pc is a bit mad at me and keeps shutting down but i don´t care because one hour ago the new design collection is available at H&M stores. Maison Martin Margiela worked his pieces from 23 years of creativity for the H&M customer. And if you live in Berlin You can purchaise your very own Margiela item at ALEXA, Friedrichstr. 79 & 83 and Kurfürstendamm 237. But what is Margiela about? Think deconstruction and transformation. A blanket is turned into a coat, gloves become part of a bag and a shoe is tricking the eyes by apearing to be without heels. Like comme des garcons the clothes are taken apart and renewed to create a new silhuette. Here a few items i liked most!

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Nek - Solo

I am normaly not a big fan of music in which i don´t undestand the lyrics. But Nek is the great exeption. I love his so powerfull music and once i made the efford to roughly translate the lyrics of his album "

Lei,Gli Amici E Tutto Il Resto" which i actually own. My favorite songs are "andare, tornare, partire" "Solo" and "Sei grande".

A short list of all the beautifull songs of this album:
Laura non c'è, Sei grande, Restiamo qui,  Vivere senza te, Tu sei, tu sai, Sei, Dimmi cos'è, Vai sola, Solo, E non mi dire che ho bevuto, Nati per vivere, Andare, partire, tornare, Di più, Fianco a fianco

L´amour toujours

While cleaning the bathroom i was listening to some good-move-music from the ground of my CD collection and remembered one tune i was crazy about at the beginning of 2001. How has time changed since and i am outing me now as a oldie in my heart because i just love this track by Gigi D´Agostino - L ´amour toujours. I remember writing l ´amour toujours all over my school papers and back then i liked the song "Blablabla" too but thankfully that has changed along with my passion for grey sweaters for every situation in life.

Who was Inigo Jones?

I was reading "Busman´s Honeymoon" by Dorothy L. Sayers and came upon a name i did not know befor, although i am inetrested in classic architecture. I searched for "Inigo Jones" and here he is: 
Jones was the first notable English architect, responsible for introducing the classical architecture of Rome and the Italian Renaissance to Britain.
He was born shortly before 19 July 157 Almost nothing is known about his early life & education. He certainly travelled abroad at the end of the century, probably at the expense of a patron, and was very influenced by the work of the Italian architect Andrea Palladio. In the early 1600s, Jones was employed by the wife of James I, Queen Anne, to provide costumes and settings for a masque at court, something he continued to do even after he started receiving architectural commissions. His first-known building was the New Exchange in the Strand in London, designed in 1608 for the Earl of Salisbury. In 1611, Jones was appointed surveyor of works to Henry, Prince of Wales but the young prince died in 1612. In 1613, Jones left England to visit Italy again. A year after his return, he was appointed surveyor to the king, a position he held until 1643.His first important task as surveyor was to build a residence at Greenwich for the queen - the Queen's House.
The Queen's House, Greenwich, London
Quen´s House was begun in 1617, but work was suspended at her death in 1619 and completed in 1635. In 1619, the old Banqueting House at Whitehall Palace burned down and Jones began work on a new one. 
Interior of the Banqueting House at Whitehall
It was completed in 1622 and in 1635, an allegorical painting for its ceiling was commissioned from Rubens. Jones also worked on the restoration of St Paul's Cathedral, adding a magnificent portico to the west end (the whole cathedral was lost in the Great Fire of London). These buildings show the realisation of a mature architect with a confident grasp of classical principles and an intellectual understanding of how to implement them. At the time, these buildings stood without contemporary parallels in England, France or Italy. At Covent Garden, Jones created London's first 'square' (1630) on land developed by the fourth earl of Bedford, and designed the church of St Paul, inspired by Palladio. I so love to learn new things and these clear lines and so balance porportions are the essence of european architecture for me. The historical informations can be found at

Monday, 5 November 2012

Tonight - Top Gear Bond Special on Motorvision

That was quick! Only at 29th October the Top Gear Bond special was broadcasted on BBC 2 and tonight it is shown on my favorite car chanel, Motorvision with german subtitles. How marvelous that they take only such a short time to translate and bring it on our screens so i don´t have to watch it on the internet. Yet there is the Lotus Esprit, oh how i loved this one and this special Bond Movie. I always loved the ones with Roger Moore, they had more humor in them and definitely the most gadges. 
If you missed this one you can watch it tomorrow at 13:15 or at 07.11. 2012 at 05:15 (the early bird....)