Thursday, 15 November 2012

Maison Martin Margiela at H&M TODAY

Maison Martin Margiela at H&M

Maison Martin Margiela at H&M von bonnet1875, jewelry enthaltend

Today my pc is a bit mad at me and keeps shutting down but i don´t care because one hour ago the new design collection is available at H&M stores. Maison Martin Margiela worked his pieces from 23 years of creativity for the H&M customer. And if you live in Berlin You can purchaise your very own Margiela item at ALEXA, Friedrichstr. 79 & 83 and Kurf├╝rstendamm 237. But what is Margiela about? Think deconstruction and transformation. A blanket is turned into a coat, gloves become part of a bag and a shoe is tricking the eyes by apearing to be without heels. Like comme des garcons the clothes are taken apart and renewed to create a new silhuette. Here a few items i liked most!

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