Thursday, 29 November 2012

Raincape allert

November has finished nearly it´s time and it seems it has saved all the rain for this last week of water. And as every year i am soaked wet when i come home and curse my stylish but not waterproof coats. But what can i do. Take some time to research and i found two nice looking solutions. Apart from frequent offers of rain ponchos at stores like Vero Moda or Asos there are companies specialised to offer stylish rainwear. I tried the common stores first but as always it is bad luck that at thhis time when I want something all products are out of stock or some pages show results from two years behind. But lets loo at the bright side of the story. and Both have a range of rain ponchos and they are affordable.(i saw a so nice rain poncho from UGG for 500€, thank you)
This poncho from rain-wave costs 69 € and comes in different patters and colours

And this one is from happyrainydays and is also about 64 € and can be bought in red blue and other prints. I am so happy to have a choice, i will take a few minutes with my bff and write a review after i used one a few times.

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