Wednesday, 8 August 2012

My closet smells so wonderfull

My closet smells so wonderfull

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Have you ever felt that after washing your clothes they smell wonderfull but in your closet they get smelly -in a bad way? But there is a sulution. Yes a stylish one from my granny. She used to put soap between her clothes and it worked. But not any soap. It´s important to use the sopa with rich flower and natural oils. My favorites are the pink bouquet from Bronnley and the soaps by Roger & Gallet and also a soap called Maja. At first these soaps smell very intense but if you tuck them between your sweaters or pyjamas they will have the right amount of flowery freshness when you wear them When u use lavander as well it also keeps the moths away. All those smells are a bit oldfashioned but vintage is nothing bad. Sometimes i just nese my way trough my clothes and i have started to put even soap to my socks and kitchen towels.

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