Saturday, 11 August 2012

Hiking Girls

Hiking Girls

Hiking Girls von bonnet1875, waterproof shoes enthaltend

Ah, hiking. I hated it when i had to do it with my parents inthe 90´s because there was no chance to dress nicley this time. It was ok in the forst where nobody could see you baut as soon we wandered into civilisation i wanted to hide into the bushes. Now however i have my own closet and my own money and i think i found a solution. The crucial point on every outfit are these boots. But you can´t go hiking in heels so these addidas boots are the best looking ones i found so far. The rest was easy. Long trousers are neccesairy because of the little insects. You don´t want to invite them to bite in your knee, don´t you? Nice top with matching backpack and a waterproof jacket make your day outisde a fun day! And don´t forget to drink enough and protect your head befor you get sunburned.

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