Thursday, 12 April 2012

Traveling list - extended version

Box of beauty

Zara bag
$80 -

Billabong bag
$30 -

Hair accessory
£12 -

Hair accessory
$2.50 -

LancĂ´me foundation
$34 -

John Lewis tweezers brow
£4.25 -

Biotherm body moisturizer
£29 -

Dr Hauschka bath body
£12 -

$50 -

Makeup travel bag
$17 -

Hair shampoo
$4.75 -

Pink Crystal Union Jack Pen
£8 -

Fashion Forms Lingerie Laundry Bag
$6.50 -

IKEA Istad
$3.99 -

Ok girls and guys. This is my travel-must-be-with-me list for every journey i will do this year. Through the years i made so many voyages i can´t count them right now and everytime something went wrong and was missing. Last year it was my recharge cable for my telephone, the year befor  i missed my brush somehow. So i will admit that i forget in this set something important - i just don´t know what. Anyway, consider it mentioned by now. In my cosmetic bag there will be only a mascara and a foundation in thermes of make-up but then there is so may that will fill the bag. Starting with my daily shower gel, body lotion, face moisturizer, shampoo and hand cream and most important of all: a sun-blocker! These days you simply can´t travel without sun-protection. A mirror and a tweeze complete the package with toothbrush and toothpaste in tow. 
My on-board bag is always a big messanger bag where i can stuff lots of things. Important for me is healthy food and lots of water to drink. A book to read and a pen and a notebook for noticable events and everything else i don´t want to throw into my phone amuse the 20th century girl in me. A little game like sudoku keeps me happy when there is a delay or an extensive security check in front of the waiting row. And those little candies, i can´t get enough of them when i felt asleep in a plane. My wallet is like my messanger: big and heavy. It´s large enough for credit cards and lots of coins and single pairs of earings i always seem to find in corners of my wardrobe. Kleenex is also a must have because i always have a dripping nose in busses and trains and of course one of these little cameras which are so easy to operate. What is also very usefull is an emery board on hand because you don´t know when one of your nails will split. I think thats all. But you can bet that 10 minutes after i left my house i will think of another important item that will be waiting useless in my hall until i come back two weeks later.

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