Friday, 13 April 2012

Change of my Design

Today i changed the layout of this blog. At first it was a black backround and strong colours. With the winter beeing only a cold memory and a hopefully nice summer to come i changed to a light and airy design with a new picture as well. keeps me buissy and i must admit that i love it. Let´s see if it is easy to read on a daily basis but at first glance ot´s ok. Not too much colours and eyecatching garnish, no advertising and no silly gadged. I honestly can´t understand why peole fill teir blogs with those awfull gadged that disturb your viewer. And the fact that nearly everytime you visit a web-page some advertising nonsens falshes the page and reduces the text you actual want to read to a thin window should us blogger encourage not to do the same. Therefor my blog will be an ad-free zone.

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