Monday, 21 May 2012

Deadlocked - novel and review

This month the new novel by Charlaine Harris came out. "Deathlocked" is the second last book of the Sookie Stackhouse-Novels. I waited patient and wanted to buy this book at least after july so i don´t have so much time to wait till the last book will be out. But i could not wait and i bought it last week. And i love it like the other books. There is not so much action like in the previous ones but Mrs. Harris cleans up with many random plots and figures. But one step after the other. There we go for a complete story retelling session with a huge amount of spoilers. As many of the fans have read before (cause the first chapter was free to view) Sookie and a few friends went to a strip-club owned by her cousin Claude and enjoy a girls-only night. As a surprise her fairy great-great grandfather waits for her as she arrives back and after a talk with Claude and Dermot he takes Claude with him into faery to investigate who had cast a spell on Dermont. Claude was not happy about that!!! Then we have a meeting with Fillipe to attend. This will be at Erics house and Sookie was delated by a phonecall by Mustapha, Erics daytime guy. When she enters the house and goes upstairs she sees Erik drinking form a strange woman he seems not to know. Sookie detects from her brain that she was send to Eric as a trap and that she used fairy-blood to make her more atractive. She is later found at the front lawn of Erics house and the police investigates. Mustapha vanishes and leaves a message to Skookie to call on Alcide but without letting Jeannalynn know that. Sam tells Sookie that the furniture she has sold to an antiques dealer has been stolen and she concludes it must be because of the Cluviel Dór. This guess is confirmed when the antiques dealer showes up on her door and tries to get the fairy item. He is killed by an emerging Mr. Cataliades who tells Sookie she must be carefull. Freya visites Sookie too but i don´t know what will come out of this plot. Then Sookie and Bill free a man captured by Fillipe and right in front of the hotel she is captured by a bunch of rogue weres. She can be rescued by Mustapha and finaly Jeannalyn shows her real face. She was behind the murder scene on Erics lawn but she was payed to do so by: CLAUDE! Yes it was him! Claude wantes to stress Sooky and her relationship with Eric so maybe a fight would break out and her fairy Grandfather would come to her rescue so Claude and his gang of fairies could take him over. It is also revealed he stayed at her house to search extensively for the Cluviel Dór. Sookie, Dermot and other fairies nail him down and Niall comes to this scene to take all the fairies with him back and seal the portal forever. And he tells Sookie that he has told Eric that she has the fairy item so she can see his true intentions. Eric wants her to use the item to get him out of his marriage contract with Freya. But Sookie thinks that he can deal with this situation on his own if he realy loves her. Then Sookie attends a pack meeting at Alcides property when Jeannalynn and the rogues will be jugded. Jeannalynn tries to kill Alcide but instead she knifes Sam and he is dying. Sookie uses the Cluviel Dór to bring Sam back to life and Erik vanishes of into the night. WOW what a storie. So many open questions and subplots were closed to make room for the final storyline of the last book. Oh my, one year to wait, this will be so hard. But on the other hand its good to draw a line under this series, because a good one can not last forwever without loosing some of her genuine quality and esprit.

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