Wednesday, 13 June 2012

The doctor who experience

Sometimes it´s amazing how creative ideas get from imagination into reality. Same has happend to famous BBC series Doctor Who. Not only that the part of "the Doctor" and his companions is a boost for every acters business but now it seems we have reached the upper level of fame. This is because "The Doctor Who Experience" in Cardiff will be opening its doors from Friday 20th July 2012 in Cardiff Bay. Yes, a whole exibition for all the fans of the series and i think also for those who are a bit interested in behind-the-scenes work on television.
Tickets will be on sale from 10am Thursday 14th June 2012. I don´t know how long this exibition will last but this is for shure another highlight for a visit at the capital and the largest city in Wales. There will be also an established website coming soon so look out for

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