Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Desk to fall in love with

If i ever would want a new desct, it will be some kind of this. I love the clean and timeless lines and the wooden finish. So many attention to detail, when you look at the knobs. And if you don´t like it all white and wood there are 6 other colours available. Now we come to the crucial point, the price. Take a deep breath and now open your eyes: 1545 lovely dollars. Oh yeeeear. But perhaps this will last for a long time so yourt grandchildren can use it too and remember grannys great taste ervery time their friends express their applause. The material is nothing less then 100% hardwood and is covered with non-toxic lacquered paint - it is worth this kind of money. So and here is the link for the ones who like to see more: http://www.ducducnyc.com/productdetail.php?productid=159&categoryid=53&navid=1

Ducduc Campaign Desk

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