Sunday, 18 March 2012


Yesterday, just after 11 o´clock in the morning my postman rang and handed me the last book of the "Parasol Peotectorate" over. I was occupied the whole dy and at past one in the night i finished "timeless" by Gail Carriger. Oh it was great fun. Timeless has more pages than the previous books but then there is more story to tell. Everything has a a more or less happy ending and from my point of viw everything is explained and developed great. I hate it when stories end with an open end and this is definitely ending proper. Now i like to spoil some information, ok i spoil everything but i am so enthusiastic about it, i don´t care. The end is, that Biffy is becoming the new Alpha of the London pack although he can do anubis form and therefor can be acting as alpha. Lyall changes his position to Beta of the Kingair pack as reparration for him stealing Connall. And he and Biffy finaly develop a realtionship - in LOVE!!! Ivy and Tunstell travel with Alexia to Egypt and in a final confrontion with the alexandria hive queen - who made Lord Akeldama - Ivy is transformed and turning into a vampire! Who would have thought of that? Floote is revealt to be more than just Alessandros vallet and even Alexia and Connal develope a plan how they can grew old together. All in one nothing more a fan of the series might desire! And please forgive my horrible grammar but i am so exited i don´t have the mind for overreading the whole txt again.

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