Saturday, 3 March 2012

Changes change fashion sites

I am visiting styling sites for many many years and had a lot of fun with them. But, oh my, they change and not for good. At first it was, a cute korean site. Roiworld then was brought by an american company and at first everything was alright. Then they started to introduce avatars like in stardoll, followed by offers to buy virtual clothes with real money. I did not visit the site for a long time but when i logged in today i was in for a big shock. Half the page is advertising and not the very subtitle ones. A shame but that is how it is, no time for tears. After they made so many changes at roiworld a user told me about At this page you could dress up real models with real clothes and layer and arrange as you want. Fashionistas haven, for you got so many great brands and styles to choose from with contests and prices. But it was too good to be true. Last year they stopped making contests and tried to rebuild the site. Then the users got this charming message: "Dear Looklet User, on January 31, will take a new direction. Unfortunately, this means that the user comunity is discontinued including the user pages. Please save all material you want to keep from your page. We've had a blast with and we hope to see you all again." And guess what? Today it´s still not working, profiles not there and everything is a mess. Time to move on. Because at least there is and i keep my fingers crossed that this jewel in the world of web-fashion will last. They keep changing but for good i suppose and i like the new look of the page. i also found a site still in progress called It´s a polish site and i don´t know how it will work finaly but it looks like a refined version of looklet, let´s see what 2012 brings up for us.

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