Thursday, 5 January 2012

Victory - i fought diseases with household remedies

Something is going on here. I get only distorted signs of life from my friends because half of them is staing at home and having a bad cold. Because this winter is so far very mild all kind of diseases seemed to be on their way trough the towns. Unfortunately i hadet my share of the lot too and now i updated my knowledge of good old household medicine by telephoning my friends. Yes, i phoned them because telling the whole facebook-world how often i have to sneeze is nothing i would prefere. And this is what i found out after a long telephone conference with other flu victims. Camomile tea is so well known, it´s not a secret weapon against a cold any more just like fennel tea.
With camomile blossoms you can make "wonderfull" steam bathes. simply bail water and get it in a bowl, then head over the steam and cover it with a towel. Five minutes (no cheating) and it should free congested noses. Also very popular with my friends is honey. Whether with lemon juice or on rusk, when you are ill you can´t do something wrong with honey.
And i mean real honey - ecological products or fair traide and not that 0,99€ trash one can buy on sale on your local supermarket. This "Honey" doesn´t count. In old arabic medicine books you can read that ancient doctors healed wounds, combustion and even bacterial infections with honey. Another know secret against bed health is ginger. when you can´t speak you can chop some slices of ginger and bail them with water. Then drink the resulting liquid - it worked for me but the taste was - to put it mildly - interesting. Oils from vegetables like peppermint oil or eucalyptus oil are helping too to free your noses so you can breath easy again. If you drop something on your clothes or use it with hot water depends on the type of oil you have in house. And one last sentence, fresh air is so good, even if it might feel cold at the moment but after a few moment you feel so much better - so dont forget to open your windor frequently if you are at home.

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