Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Best looking stars 2009 - 2011
In every glamour or star magazine you will find a top ten, top fourty or top five list of good looking man. Last year it was so emarassing that half of them had been teenager or in their early twentys. Are these man? And what about all those georgeous man who did not take part in vampire movies? For a long time i have my favorite top 5 list ready to go, even if in the last two years there was no change but steadyness is a good thing in this case. I love the look of these man and i love to see them in movies, dvds or talkshows because they are all grown up and so talented with or without pushing from the tabloids. Here we go: 
 1: Robert Downey Jr. for he has reached this point in his life when he has freed himself from alcohol and drugs and of course his great performance as Iron Man. 2: Johnny Depp since i saw him in 21Jump street. My favorite movie with him in it is Chocolat - i just love the whole film whit a charming retro design. 3: Owen Wilson for his nose that looks perfect and lets him stand out of the row of hollywood clones. 
4: Milo Ventimiglia. I am a big fan of the series "Gilmore Girls" and loved his appearance there. Then i watched "Heroes" because of him and was not dissapointed. At 5th place i have placed two man who i love  because of a particular role they used to play: Philip Glenister for his great character Gene Hunt (Ashes to Ashes) and David Tennant for bringing the 9th doctor alive (Dr. Who). As you can see, no teens in here and that is how it should be!

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