Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Four Weddings & a Funeral

Good Evening. Or good night, i shall say. I can´t sleep and i wanted to watch a film so i spyed in the dusty corners of my DVD collction and guess what hidden diamant of the year 1994 i found. It´s "Four Weddings and a funeral" THE british love and romantic comedy film of the 90´s. I don´t know exactly but i think this film was the start of Hugh Grants neverending carrier in Hollywood as the geeky but nice guy. And we also have the georgeous Christine Scott-Thomas, Andy McDowell and  little  even  Rowan Attkinson doing their est play at all times. As the titel is already suggesting, it´s about a few friends and their adventures on different weddings. Of Course they are all singles and searching on these weddings for new partners. But that is not the essence of the movie. The dialoges and the funny but so lovable characters made me love that film first time. So if you haven´t seen this film - go on, it doesn´t matter if it´s raining or snowing, get to the next vidoe shop and secure one copy for your home!

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