Thursday, 6 October 2011

My Book of the Month

My new favourite crime story isn´t a realy one: "Three bgs full". This book is about sheep and grass, humans and cheap magazines. And that is how it goes: After a herd of sheep discover´s that their sheperd, George, was pinned to their pasture with a spade, they embark on a investigation to nail his murderer. That plot is so great that from now on this book is a pageturner. But not because of the tension. Because of the realy great sheep - characters. Mopple the Whale for example, is a sunny minded one with an enormous memory and does not forget anything it has seen or heard for later use. Othello, the intrepid black with circus past, gets respect from the humans with his sombre appearance. In reality he is a real philosopher on four legs.
And Sir Ritchfield, the aged leading Aries whose twin brother Melmoth has got lost as a lamb and appears now in mysterious manner again just after Georges death. After extensive searches, conspiratory earsdroping in a geranium patch, an unforgettable visit at church and an adventurous pursuit hunt the smart Miss Maple and her herd know who killed their sheepherd.
Even if it does not sound so: Leonie Swann is a young German author. "Three bags full" is her debut. After own statement the basic idea originated during an Ireland vacation.
She says about her book: "While I wrote, I have tried to see the world from the perspective of the sheep: What do they fear? What are they glad about? Where are the limits of their understanding?"
And if you liked this one – watch out, there is more! After “three bags full” ther is now “Garou” -  the second book with our beloved herd. In “Garou” the whole bunch is travelling to France and of course there is a secret to reveal, cards to eat and they watch television and hunt some criminals. It has not been translated into english jet but i think it´s just a matter of time.

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