Saturday, 15 October 2011

Brest Cancer Awareness Month

If you already noticed it, thats fine - if not , here comes a reminder that october is breast cancer awareness month. Many pages now inform you about the risks and chances of breast cancer. It is surprising that normaly you don´t know much about breast cancer, it´s nothing you chat about with your friends. So i checked some pages and i now i am shure i got all the bases covered when it comes to prevention. Thats the important part for me: to reduce the risk to get it. Killer number one is - as always- smoking, i am so glad that i never smoked at all. Number two is Sun and UV- meaning the right protection when sunbathing. Then there is alcohol and a healthy and balanced choice of food. Thats so easy to get fit basicaly healthy! 
For more information you can visit or or depends from wich country you are. © greene

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