Monday, 26 September 2011

spanische Fächer - spanish fan

Today I want to introduce to you the Spanish fan. The originals are ones are realy inspired pice of art that reache back into the cenury and are even today handmade in Valencia, Godella, and Aldaya. So don´t mistake them for the Chinese paperfans you can buy at your local asian-food store. And not to mention the choice of different styles such as Wall-fans. These very big fans intended to decorate walls. Then we have Double-sided fans: these models are decorated, painted and vanished on both sides. And the ones I love most : Laced fans - hand fans finished with lace. My Grandmother hat brought one of these from her voyage through spain in the 70´s and now this piece of beauty is decorating my living room.  

At you can find this modern fan made of rosewood.

And this laced one is from

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