Friday, 23 September 2011

Privacy is in style

Privacy is experienced on a personal level and often means different things to different people. Today it concerns us in a way such as the right to bodily integrity or to be free from intrusive searches or surveillance. The concept of privacy is also context specific, and acquires a different meaning that depends on the reasons why the information is searched, the intentions of the involved persons or organisations. By giving us the ability to control who knows what about us and who has access to us, privacy allows us to alter our behavior with different people so that we may maintain and control our various social relationships. But do we really care about our personal information when we enter the internet? Places like Facebook, Twitter and even this Blogg encourage us to reveal many personal details we would otherwise not share with strangers.

I am aware of this and take my privacy very serious. And what is it that keeps me in the shadow of privacy in this medium? 1. I do not never ever post personal pictures with my face or members of my family. 2. I do not reveal my adress or my exactly age and status of health. 3. I never reveal my social status or working conditions. With those three bases covered everybody can provide a bit of personal privacy in the internet. Then who made this rule that you must share everything of your live with the worldwide community of the web?  I´m not following and sharing my latest dentist - experiences with mates on twitter and perhaps if you are reading this you think about the concept of privacy again.

So and now lets see if we can find some fashion items for privacy. Voila, these Balenciage retro sunglases are ideal to hide a face behind. They are not cheap (about 300 €) but definitely chic.

And this look from the new autumn collection by H&M. She may be  stylish agent of the 70´s. With that big hat you can cover nearly everything from a bad hair day to a night without sleep.

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