Wednesday, 21 September 2011

R.I.P my Saab

In 1938, the Saab factory was built in Trollhattan Sweden. At this time they were building bombers and aeroplanes. After Word War II they switched to automobiles, with the Saab 92 produced December 1949. The engine was a 750cc two-cylinder two-stroke, transversely mounted ahead of the front axle. Saab created as one of the first producers a safety cage for the passengers, to protect them in case of accident!
 The Saab 900 was THE model that ruled the 1980s, being in production for fifteen years! On 7 October 1986, three Saab 9000 Turbo 16s started on the world's fastest racetrack, the Alabama International Motor Speedway in Talladega, USA. 31 drivers drove the cars, with stops only for service and refuiling. After twenty days of uninterrupted driving 2 world-records and 21 international speed records were taken. The fastest car reached an average speed of 213 km/h at 100,000 km.

What the fans of Saab loved was his unique save but sporty design and the feeling to drive a car that was not so common -  one for individualist ones.

Now that the brand is in financial trouble this year may be the last of this little european brand. Good by my dear!

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