Friday, 3 February 2012

Make-up & Foundation

Every woman knows about make-up. But the favorites have changed with time. You hardly use the type of compact your mother prefered at your age. With time moving on the quality impoved and there is so much choice. I would go for the ones that add som moisturising effect. Make-up sticks could be applied direct on the skin with just your hands (clean before) and are handy for your bag and the streets. Liquid make-up often provide more moisture than the compact ones. I love olaz "Touch of foundation" but Ellen Betrix/Max Factor is also in my bathroom. I do love the natural beauty-brands like dr. Hauschka, Lavera and Logona but most can´t you buy in your grocery next door and that is a pitty because they are realy good at customer-ratings. On the other hand i´ve read an astonishing article last week about how much dangerous chemical components can be found in some lip-gloss products. And not as you would expect in the low-range ones, oh now! Most products for shiny lips contain polymeres wich can be found in PLASTICBOTTLES and paraffine that in greater amount can damage the liver and kidney. A few famous brands contain the pigment tartrazine (E-102) that can lead to eczema or itching. Such as in „Lancôme Juicy Tubes Ultra Shiny Hydrating Lip Gloss, 17 Fraise“, „L‘Oréal Glam Shine 6H Gloss Brillance, 500“, “Manhattan Long Lasting Gloss Glide Lipgloss 531“, “Lipgloss by H&M, Exotic Grapefruits“ and „Astor Prismatic Volume & Shine, 10 Volcanic Ruby". But the organic and natural brands like my beloved dr. Hauschka products seem not to need these components. I think there can be found many dubious ingredients in our shiny, pretty and always so cute designed beauty products. And imagine, woman use it nearly everyday in a very sensitive and exposed part of their body. Not only is your face exposed to the dirt of the street, its exposed to the sun and the chemical components of your make-up. You can´t change the environment but you can reduce the strain caused by decorative cosmectics. 

But enough of the raised finger. Just a little reminder on the abc of foundations that everyone knows but in the "heath of the battle" is easy forgotten. 1: colour shade - buy a shade slightly lighter that your skin because too dark foundation makes your face look older. 2: application- not to pile on your face but in a slight layer. If there are spots still visible do a second thin layer. 3: Hair - avoid eyebrows and the hairline, it looks so obvious painted. 4: Chin line -  avoid the "mask-effect" between chin and neck. Brush with a sponge over the chin to smudge the lines. 5: Powder - it should fix the foundation. I use a cotton ball to applicate it carefull and use a brush afterwards to remove spare powder. 6: Removing make-up - no mater how tired i am, a ALWAYS take the few minutes to clean my face and remove the old make-up and shed skin of the day. That will look better on your pillow and your face. I use a sensitive lotion and once a week a peeling. Afterwards i use a night cream. And sometimes a do not use any foundation or make-up when i go out just to let my skin breath (mostly on week ends or spare time when i do my weekly shopping). Chew on that, make-up industry!

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