Sunday, 11 December 2011

The Iron Lady - Trailer

Finaly they made a movie about Mrs. Thatcher. It will be released in the united Kingdom january the 6th 2012 and here is the trailer:

That is definitely a movie i want to see next year. I am interested in the late european history and Mrs. thatcher is for shure a part of it. Although i could not agree less with her politic decissions and way she transformed england it is hard not to be impressed by the strenght that woman made her way through the politic arena.  Even today we have not so much femail political leaders and she was prime minister about 3 decades ago. So i hope i enjoy that film -  first critiques praise Mrs. Streep for her acting and i can not think of an actress better suited for that particular job. Another highly interesting movie had been "The Queen" with Hellen Mirren in the lead part. That too had been a very good movie and i loved it. I have seen this several times and bought the DVD because it´s been a feew years since it was released (2006). And if you don´t know what this cinematic diamond is about her is another trailer.

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