Saturday, 27 April 2013

give stress a break

give stress a break

give stress a break by bonnet1875 featuring a long sleeve blouse
As you may have noticed this is a rare set of mine where i used platform heels. Normaly i am more a modest heel person but today i fancuied a break of the rule. But fact is that high heels and the lot are not healthy and can damage the spine and on the long run it´s deforming the foot. For summer i have now a loveley collection of flats, sporty and elegant and a light heel sandal, with extra comfortable leather inlay - yes call me oldfashioned but i have to walk hours in them when i am on my infamous shopping marathons. By the way, there now very cute maxi skirts out at H&M, for abou 15€ each, available in black, olive and grey!

Acne long sleeve blouse

A Wear peach blazer
$70 -

Burberry skinny leg jeans

Miss selfridge


Dorothy Perkins peach ring

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