Wednesday, 3 April 2013

colour me happy

colour me happy

This look is my attempt to spring. Because of my clever layer concept i leave in the morning when it´s still cold and feel warm and cosy. At lunch in the sunshine i unfold my layers like a butterfly (poetic) and catch some sun. Back home in the evening i put the sweater back on when temperatures are dropping again or the weather decides to donate some rain. And as a bonus a few of my favorite brands are in here too. The scarf is from LALA Berlin, i love the pastel patterns and the top is by Monsoon. I don´t know why i like Monsoon so much but i think the name reminds me of the Monsun in India and is somehow exotic to me even if they´re selling blue jeans. Sessun is also my favorite brand if they have items on sale. Frankly i only buy at their sales because i can´t afford the original prices. But i am always happy and humming like a bee when i got some great clothes 40 or 50% off, but which girl does not?

Sessun coat
$310 -

French connection

Rag & bone booties

Cross body handbag

Sabine jewelry

Set of bangle
$23 -

Heart jewelry
$14 -

Topshop jewelry
$9.85 -

Lala berlin
$270 -

Balenciaga fragrance

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