Monday, 14 November 2011

Bird cage
Last week a friend of mine who fortunately lifes right next door asked if i can keep an eye on her canaries and feed them. So there is my first advice for this week: if people you like ask you to watch for their beloved pets - avoid! I spend the half week worrying abou those birds. For i have no pets i don´t know much about them and i hate when it gets all messy. And guess what those canaries do when you sleep at 5 in the morning? They screek like they´ve been murdering each other. After that they spread their feathers nice arround the room and do their number twos in every corner of the cage. And because the canaries where not mine i felt obliged to buy extra healthy foot and vegetables and clean the cage two times often as my friend will do because you know what happens when something happend to them? At every future party or meeting you will be introduced to new guests and frinds as "you know it´s her who lost our canaries when we were on holliday". Oh no, not with me, i kept them in so healthy state and learned a few tricks to keep them quite calm (put  blanket above the cage at night so they won´t be wake up with sunrise). 
My friends were happy to take them back home and share their vacance adventures with me. And than they droped by the way that if i would canary-sit again in spring that would be so nice. I think i have to develope a sudden allergy.

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