Sunday, 22 September 2013

Shopping for bags at LYDC

Online Shopping can be so stressfull when you don´t have some stores you are shure that everytime you step in you find something you actually like to purchase. In fact it´s like in real life. Once you´ve figured out your style and how to get it there are a handfull of shops that you always go first to. I prefere H&M, Mango, Vero Moda and others like them on the Mainroad. And it´s the same online. I love shopping bags at LYDC ( Always cute with an edge and so versatile. My latest favorite is this one Image 1

I need big bags for my daily life. Where else should i put my purse, timer (i like the paper version in case my phone is lost, decharged or just refuses to work properly), tissues, cream, lip balm, umbrella and a bottle of water. This "Rutherford Bag" by Anna Smith in Beige and Black is therefor perfect. 
Or should i try this one? I´ve seen these in different shapes this autumn and there so practical: 
"PU Leather Look Shopper" by DSUK in black. For 31 pounds is it yours ;)

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