Monday, 26 August 2013

take action

This is from the "take action" section of the beautifull about face page ( It´s about taking action against harmfull body-images by media & companies.

  1. Educate yourself and raise your awareness about media that degrades or insults girls/women, and WHY it’s a problem.
  2. WRITE an e-mail, letter, or sign a petition to companies that degrade/insult women and tell them you refuse to buy their product until they change their advertising. (Every time you sign one of our petitions, it sends an email to the company!)
  3. DO NOT buy products that are advertised in a harmful way to women, girls, or society on the whole (even if you like the product!): That’s what our wallet card is for — to help you remember which products/companies to support or not support. DO buy products that are advertised in a positive way for women, girls, and society, if you have disposable income.
Then, GET your friends and family in on the plan, and change the media environment for yourself and others.
If you are suffering from negative body image or feelings of depression or low self-esteem, you also need to take some personal action:
  • Talk to a trusted adult and ask them to help you connect with a professional counselor or therapist if you are deeply troubled or constantly feel bad about yourself.
  • Practice looking at yourself in the mirror and finding 5 things you like, and not saying/thinking about what you don’t like.
    Repeat each of the positive attributes 5 times to yourself, out loud.
  • Try to begin exercising and eating moderately and regularly if you aren’t already. Dieting is NOT a method for helping yourself have higher self-esteem, regardless of what the weight-loss industry wants you to think.

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