Monday, 6 May 2013

a walk in the park or how i came to make this doll

a walk in the park

a walk in the park by bonnet1875 

This is the thing with doll-sets at polyvore: they never work out as you intended them to be. This one is a prime example. I started with the idea of a dark coloured skirt for a steampunk - ish doll. Then i saw that my choosen skirt didi not worked and i searched for other clothes. After i found the white dress all went victorien and less steamounk and with the creamy white was tha dark theme gone too. After fiddling about 4 hours with the copy and paste buttons i changed the length of the knee-length dress and addet an extra lace trim on the end. Then i created the backround and varied the differend "tubes" i had saved. A tip for the newly polyvorien: if you use the search names in french you get much more results, for example tubes paysages, tubes ciel, tubes fleures, tubes portes (that means: countries, sky, flowers and doors). So here she is, the young lady, so far i love her  and hope she gets many kind comments from my followers :)

Emma Lace Wedding Parasol White WBBWU022
$51 -

Flora bella


Fascinator hat
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