Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Love and hate items

Time for a rant about thinks i don´t liked recently. Let´s start with shoes. Not this cute cowboy inspired boot, it is perfectly wearable and i have one in my closet. I mean these plattform ankle-boots which are looking like a hoof. No woman has ever been seen walking elegant in them and there just to sky high for every person taler than 1,70m or 5,6 feet. 

Steve madden booties

Also rediculous are the studded pices you can buy since last autumn everywhere. I adore big cuffs and braceletts, wonderfull AND they make so charming sounds when you lift your arms. On the other hand i pitty everyone who has bought those studded ones. They look like a dog accesoire and i am for shure not a dog, so away with studded jewelry!

Yellow gold jewelry
$23 -

And what´s about the fact that every singer/actor shows the dear need to produce his/her own fragrance. with stupid names and almost evrytime a too sweet semll of vanilla. I like the ones by Boss and Vera Wang wich smell good and don´t look rediculous in their packages.

$76 -

Away also with Kindles. I love reading and sharing books with my friends. But these times are gone because you can not share the files of your Kindle unless you give him away, stupid idea. And i love how i mark my pages over the years with various tea-spots, chocolate crumms and fingerprints that smell of strawberry..... talking about food, the one that you can haunt me with is coffee, never liked it till i had to drink it every sunday with my parents on the coffee table of my grandmother. Today i choose delicious tea or juice, smoothies or just pure water.

Then i love the big chunky headphones that are so comfortable and you don´t have to adjust every second like those thiny earpices. End of rant!

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