Thursday, 24 January 2013

Seen on the streets: Reliant Rialto SE

It has been a long time since i posted my last street view car. But i only wanted to share cars i realy saw on the streets and wich made me smile or are simply great machines or have an amazing styling. You can decide in wich category the Reliant Rialto goes. First a great picture:
My example was  chocolate ore vanilla brown and was parked for sale at a crossing in Berlin. Yes, you can get this car, wich may be known from the TV- series "Mr. Bean" for about 7800 €. Some facts concerning this model: The Reliant Rialto succeeded the "Robin" in January 1982. And right away, yes it has 3 wheels! The wedge shaped fibreglass body was  mounted onto a galvanised chassis. Power is delivered by Reliant's 850 cc aluminium water cooled engine and with the added aerodynamics of the vehicle’s shape, the Rialto was a much more stable vehicle at speed than the Robin without the need to fight the steering wheel. The Rialto came in three body types, the saloon, estate and van and now featured only one windscreen wiper that was centrally located to clear the whole windscreen.

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